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Map in use at bottom of page here:

Is it possible to target a specific location/marker id on a map with multiple locations? My use case: I’d like to remove staff content on the “Association Office” location (bottom-right on the map, and also clickable in the listing). Is this possible? I know how to code it but I can’t figure out how to target the ID.
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To remove "Staff" content from your location infowindow, Go to Add/Manage Locations and select the location "Association Office". Where you can see "Staff" content on infowindow. Just remove it and save it.

I hope it helps you.

I need to be more clear in explaining my scenario. The content on the info window is being generated from this code in the map settings which generates the same content on each info window.

Contact Info
Address : {marker_address}
Website: {website}
Email: {email}
Phone: {phone}
Pastor: {pastor}
Secretary: {secretary}
Worship Pastor: {worship-pastor}
Student Pastor: {student-pastor}
Children's Director: {childrens-director}

Each staff position type is set-up as "Extra Fields," not typed into the info window.

Regarding the Association Office id, I added the following code to add "Association Personnel":

Association Personnel
Director of Missions: Brent Thornton
Secretary: Denise Hayden

What I need to know how to do is target the Association Office info-window id to tell it not to display the "map-box-staff" id for that location, b/c they have a different type of staff. Thank you for your answer. I hope this helps more.
No, this is not possible to target to a single id infowindow. Because in the infowindow message at add/manage map page, where you insert any data will be displayed at all location infowindow. To make a limitation to a particular infowindow you have to insert a data in particular location infowindow, which is you can see on an infowindow message at add/manage location. All messages insert in add/manage location infowindow is controlled by {marker_message} placeholder.

So please insert your details at add/manage location infowindow.
I hope you get it and let me know if you face any issue.

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