Hi Flippercode,

We tried to import all stores into our system. However, when selecting a file (.csv ofcourse) the prompt appears again. (like I have to select 2 files)
Even when selecting the file again, it doesn’t seem to be added to its selection.

I can’t import, i’m afraid.

If you get ID field in your CSV then you have to remove it first and then import it. Id fields are used for if you upload csv daily with new stores. Your issue will be resolved. Please try this and let me know.

I don't know why but it worked after the 20th attempt today :)
This time I only entered relevant data in it, and changed the column ID's to "Name" / "address" / "city" / "url"

Sorry to have bothered you guess I was getting impatient.
Thank you for support and have a nice day.

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