I cant get this to work with UK post codes, please can you explain how?

If i use Product Delivery Area shortcode, it picks up the restrictions within my “collections” but I cant use the “product area” to limit the sale of a product:

see here (cb8 0ef is a valid postcode, also “bury st edmunds:):

Book Airport Transfer

I am using the shortcode to allow users to check if they can book, but this does not limit the purchase of these two offerings. Please can you help me figure out how to only allow booking of these two products if they are withing the restricted area.

we have checked your zip code at my end and it is working great. I think you have inserted wrong zip codes in your collection that's why you are facing this issue. Please insert proper zip codes. You can also send me wp admin details at support@flippercode.com so we can check it at your end.


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