Hi, my URL is http://sexualhealthbromley.co.uk/clinics/find-a-service/

On this page I would like the user to be able to:
1. Type their post code to view their nearest services
2. The map will then display their nearest clinics or services in the listing placeholder panel in order of nearest to furthest, not alphabetical or category.

So, if the user selects their category i.e. Pharmacy, then types in their post code (BR1 1QU) the list will show them their nearest services relevant to their post code.

#1 You can only search the location using ZIP codes. Locations Marker are shown according to inserted zip codes.
#2 This is not possible to sort the location by nearest to farthest. Its need plugin customization.
You can use the radius filter to filter the location according to the selected distance. Please check this our live example https://wpgmp.flippercode.com/example/location-filter-using-radius-distance-in-listing/

This filter searches only those locations which lies under the selected distance in miles/km.

I hope it helps you.

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