My original question:
I have numerous categories and each location has several categories associated (checked) with that location. On the map, with the Categories tab, the map shows locations that are associated with ANY selected category. In other words, your filtering is using OR logic. I would like the locations filtered using AND logic. Only the locations that are associated with EVERY selected filter (category) would show on the map. Example: Let’s say I have 3 categories for Rating: 1 star, 2 stars and 3 stars. I also have 3 categories for Type: Red, Green and Blue (for example).
Let’s say I have a location #1 Main Street. Categories 1 star and Red are associated (checked) for this location. Another location, #2 Main Street, is Rated 1 star also, but it associated with the Blue category. Currently, when you select 1 star it shows both locations, even if you also select Red. I only want #1 Main Street to show when both 1 star and Red are selected as filters on the map because #1 Main Street is the only locations that is associated with both 1 star and Red. (The other location is not associated with Red, only 1 star) This is much needed feature. Even better, the ability to select AND or OR logic on the front end would add even more flexibility. And the option to either turn on or off the ability of choose AND or OR logic for filtering.
You responded indicating you would possibly add it as a feature in the future. And stated you would make that change if I would provide WP login and FTP account login.
Please provide private / secure method for providing those credentials. Thank you.
Ken H

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