Hi there!

I’m using your plugin to display projects on a map. Everything works great, but I’m having trouble with adding a ‘Read more’ button to the info window (and the list below). I would like to give the visitor the option to go to the project page for more info.

I saw this example on your website: https://www.wpmapspro.com/example/show-posts-using-custom-fields/ but I can’t find this option in the plugin. I also tried is with {post_link}, but this only displays the url and it’s not clickable.

Is this possible? And if it is, can I customize the colors (to match the buttons on my website)?

Thanks in advance.

Please go to Infowindow for posts and select default skin under add/manage map page, you will see a btn HTML code there like the enclosed screenshot. You can change the color of the button according to your need by inserting custom CSS at design settings.


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