Hi, I love the plugin, but have two questions:

1. How do I change the font of the marker for the list under the map? As you can see in attached image 1, it’s quite dark and I’d like to fix that
2. I like the category filter, but am desperate to have a second filter like rating to use with it. Essentially, I really want visitors to be able to filter categories as well as ratings like on attached image 2’s map

#1 You have to insert custom CSS to change the font color. Please insert this CSS in custom CSS at design settings under add/manage map page.

.wpgmp_location_title a.place_title {
color: #ee1616 !important; // You can choose any color according to need

I have enclosed screenshot.

#2 This is not possible to create a custom filter right now in this plugin.
Thank you for the information
I'm not very knowledgable in this area, but was hoping for your opinion. For the #2 question, do you think a hired developer could design such a feature?
We also provide a plugin customization according to client requirement. Please send us your required customization details at support@flippercode.com So we can give you estimate and time.

Thank You

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