I am trying to use your map to show multiple locations, and then when you click on a location it will show reviews for that location for Yelp, Facebook, and Google.
Please go to this site and see how it appears currently…
The review at the top with images and whatnot is what I want in the infowindow.
All that is showing is “Read Katie O.’s review of Pole Fitness Seattle on Yelp”


I have done some more research on the matter. It seemed for a moment that ACF plugin might do what I want, but it does not.

I have been able to get videos to show up on the markers, but I am worried about spending $40 on a Yelp Review Plugin.

I want the yelp reviews to show up when you click on a marker.

ALSO, the search by radius function does not work AT ALL, it ONLY shows exact match for Zip Code
Also, infowindow width is bugging out. It's locked too small and makes a scrollbar...
This is the section of code messing up my infowindow size...

".wpgmp_map_container .gm-style-iw {
width: 350px !important;"

I edited the frontend.css but it still is restricted...
FIXED width issue!

1.) Still having problems getting shortcode widgets to show in infowindow

2.) ACF code is broken...
""function my_acf_google_map_api( $api ){
$api['key'] = 'Insert your api key here';
return $api;
add_filter('acf/fields/google_map/api', 'my_acf_google_map_/code>"

I am getting an error due to the single ' not being closed, but it still wont work when i close it...

3.) I can get video content to play with LOCATION infowindow, but not POST infowindow
4.) Radius by zip code doesnt work
GOT THE ACF working....

1.) Having trouble getting shortcode widgets to show in infowindow

2.) Video shortcode plays in LOCATION infowindow, but not POST infowindow

3.) Radius by ZIP CODE is broken
Maybe to help with #1 and #2...

You can help me with this advertised feature?

"ACF Supported
Create your locations using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin and display them on Google Maps. Show ACF custom fields on Infowindow Message & listing."
Okay... After more tinkering, I only have a few issues left...

1.) Radius search by Zip Code.

2.) How to use Post Custom Fields?
Custom Fields :{%custom_field_slug_here%} eg. {%age%}, {%salary%}

Hello Chris,
#issue 1: You need to insert zip code of created location at listing search bar then you need to select the radius from the radius filter. You will see all locations which are lie in selected km/miles will be seen on the listing as well on map.

Please check this guide tutorial: https://wpgmp.flippercode.com/docs/how-to-display-search-form-category-sorting-filter-radius-filter/

#issue2 Post custom field:
Please check this guide tutorial https://wpgmp.flippercode.com/docs/how-to-show-posts-location-using-custom-fields/

i hope your issue is resolved.

#2. Solved.

#1... still having trouble...
It only returns a result for exact matches of Zip Code.

If you type in 98103 into the search bar, Divine Movement shows up, but if you do 98104 nothing shows up...

To get this result you have to type in a zip code, then go to "select radius" to make listings disappear, then select a distance. With 98103, it works. With ANYTHING else, it does not.
Entering a city or state doesn't work either.
It merely functions as a simple search, no location data is registered...
Please share your page url where map is located so i can also check it at my end. Please note that zip code should be inserted when you create a new location. Otherwise it wont work.

To note, I created a "post" and had that display on my map, does that make a difference? It does contain a zip code though...
I also sent an email about another issue, and included login details there.
Yes we have received your mail and checking on it.

Search by zip code is still not working. I replied via email.
ok, let me check it and back to you.


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