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Hi Guys,

I added your Google Maps plugin today and I’m working my way through all the features – it’s an awesome plugin! But one thing that I would like to do is have different markers for each location. With the custom pins I’ve created, people will be able to get an idea what something is without having to click on the marker first. However, it appears that you can only have one type of marker visible at the same time. I saw a response to a similar question another user had where you replied:

“Yes you can use custom image as a marker for a single location. Create a location using add location and assign the location during map creation. At add/manage map you have to choose custom marker image as shown in screenshot and save the map.

#issue 1 :But during this process, you have to choose only single location to display custom marker. If you choose multiple location with assigned markers then you will see location with respective marker.

#issue 2: If you choose any location without assigned any marker then all locations will have same marker.”

Is there a way to use the custom marker you specify for each location (and appears in the info window) on the Goggle Map itself? Otherwise I end up with 30 markers that all look the same.



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