Hi the category order on the page displaying the map can that be changed without loading the markers on again. They seem to be in random order which kinda makes it hard when searhcing for a category. I don’t want to do 3000 markers again loading them on different maps. Is there a way I can re arrange the order of the categories as they appear both next to the map and below? I would like them in the same order as the site to make it easier for everybody
site in questions https://kaaktus.com/sydney-kaaktus/

also my plugin isn’t updating comes up with stupid error meassage. I just bought pro gold add on 4 so I will see if this fixes it

I am getting this error message. Do I upload the new 4 version as it’s own plugin or do what? I have 4.06 looking to update to 4.07
The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

You have to set the priority order at "add marker category" where you have to insert the value of your category priority, 0 will display on top and when you increase the value on other categories, they will display according to it. 1 category will display below the 0 and 2 categories will display below the 1 and so on.

#2 To update the plugin please go to https://www.codecanyon.net/downloads and download the latest version. When the plugin is downloaded please remove the older version and install the latest version. During this process, you will not lose any data.



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