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I have a site for companies and each company can have multiple stores/offices. I use ACF Pro to get that data from the client and I use Google Map ACF field which provides me longitude, latitude and address. I’ve tried following you example in documentation (

[display_map address1=”New Delhi, India” address2=”Mumbai, India”] -> your shortcode

[display_map width=”100%” height=”500″ zoom=”12″ language=”en” map_type=”ROADMAP” map_draggable=”true” scroll_wheel=”false” address1=”Vrbje ulica 7, Zagreb, Hrvatska” address2=”Ulica Ante Mike Tripala 9, Zagreb, Hrvatska” address3=”Avenija Dubrava 228, Zagreb, Hrvatska” ] -> my custom generated shortcode
). It has some issues. I’ve also tried with longitutde and latitude but no luck.
First it won’t show multiple locations.
Second, sometimes it shows first address, sometimes second in order in shortcode.
Third, I get this JS error in console.
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of null -> maps.js?ver=2.3.4:3721

Here’s the link so you can check it out:

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