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What are archetypes?

notice on the second card, when you load the page there is a purple border at the bottom. I need to remove that. Also, when you do the overlay, i cannot target the white text because it has no

tag or anything to identify it. I need to get rid of the border and change the white text to black to make it readable against the background

You have inserted custom css in your theme index.php file, where you have applied this class

.overlay-effect .wop_overlay, .wop_image {
border: 5px solid purple;
border-radius: 15px;
You need to remove that class and your issue will be resolved, similarly you can change the text color from your css.

no i don't want to remove that class. I added that to get the borders and stuff.

Is there no way to add borders to the overlays, or to adjust the CSS to remove the anamoloy. If not, can i get my money back. Having borders was a specific thing I wanted

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