Hi guys,
I noticed that category filter doesn’t work well if I select multiple categories in category filter.
In my case, I have objects which have categories named Zone and Square footage.
Zones are A, B, C and D. Square footage are ranges and lets call them 1-10, 10-50, 50-100.

If I select Zone A in filters, I can see only objects which are in Zone A. If I select only 1-10 range in Square footage, I only see objects which belong there. So this clearly works fine.

However if I select both Zone A and 1-10, I see ALL of the objects which belong both to the Zone A and to the range 1-10.

How can I only see objects which have only selected categories?


Thank you very much for your support ticket. Please send me your page URL where your map is located so we can check it at your end.


Page is visible only for logged in users. How can I send you private message with login info?

You can mail me at support@flippercode.com your details will be safer there.


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