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This fault may not be with your plugin. But I backed up my site, realised I couldn\’t move it, then just restored the backup using \’all in one WP migration\’ pro version. Since then, the map pages just show an entire blank page. In the chrome developer tools there\’s no css or html.. However once I remove the map from the page, by removing the shortcode, the page comes back to normal. Or if I de activate your plugin the page shows as normal just with the wp_put id=43] shortcode in there. I have tried deactivating all the other plugins, tried only deactivbating the shortcodes polugins, tried activating, deactivating all the combinations. Tried to restrore the back up again twice and still the same issue.Anything you can see that is causing this? its on every map pagehttps://kaaktus.com logins haven\’t changed since last time though the URL might be instead of the custom one I hadthanks for your help last time too

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