After failing to get AWS S3 storage working using flipper code online guides and forum help I moved over to using Google Drive.
This was working-ish for a while, however random files would not download, and would cause a 500 error on the server. This was due to bad scripting according to the hosting provider.
I have now moved all file onto a “local” directory, (defeating the point of originally buying this plug in,) only for large files not to work. Is there a known limit for this or a PHP resource limit to be aware of before I scrap this plug in all together?

May I know your folder size which you are syncing with the plugin? if your cloud folder is in large size it may be chances of a timeout.

The total folder size is 507 MB
The plugin is working on the page and is currently scanning a local directory at
I increased the disc-space and bandwidth allowance on the site to compensate for the extra traffic but, it cannot serve large files over 20MB-ish using the script
an example is which is about 28MB (found at )
I need to inspect it then, I checked this issue on my local server and I managed to display 900 MB data as a "Directory Structure". Please send us your wp-admin details at so we can check it at your end.
Please also mention your site URL folder path so we can check it.
It appears actually to be random files that do not download, it was first noticed on larger files.
Due to the seemingly unreliable nature of this plug in, and the fact that it was purchased so that the files could be hosted off the server which is now not happening (again due to the reliability) I am just using the Apache generated file listing.

If you want to see there is a 4MB file that 3 people reported they cannot download:
the file is hosted at:
and can be found using this plug in at:
This generates the file:

This may be something to with special characters maybe? i.e. '+'
Unfortunately I cannot rely on this plugin to work, and it has caused more issues than it has solved.

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