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Hello! I have a customization question. Is it possible to display multiple Category listing filters? Currently it’s only possible to show one Category listing filter that includes all available Categories. I’d like to display a Category listing filter for each top-level Category. Then include all nested Categories as options within their respective filter.

For example. Let’s say my Categories are set up like the following:

– Dogs
– Cats
– Birds

– Brown
– Black
– White

– Brazil
– United States
– Japan

I’d like to then display a listing filter for each top-level Category (Animal, Color and Location) and then include all nested sub-Categories as options within each filter. This would allow me to then select multiple Category filters instead of just one. So I could filter the listings by [Dogs, Black and Brazil] or [Birds and White] instead of having the option to only filter by one Category.

It would be a similar structure as the Categories Tab option, only displayed as multiple filters instead.

I’ve attached a mockup for visual reference.

Thanks for your help!

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