Hello! I have a customization question. Is it possible to display multiple Category listing filters? Currently it’s only possible to show one Category listing filter that includes all available Categories. I’d like to display a Category listing filter for each top-level Category. Then include all nested Categories as options within their respective filter.

For example. Let’s say my Categories are set up like the following:

– Dogs
– Cats
– Birds

– Brown
– Black
– White

– Brazil
– United States
– Japan

I’d like to then display a listing filter for each top-level Category (Animal, Color and Location) and then include all nested sub-Categories as options within each filter. This would allow me to then select multiple Category filters instead of just one. So I could filter the listings by [Dogs, Black and Brazil] or [Birds and White] instead of having the option to only filter by one Category.

It would be a similar structure as the Categories Tab option, only displayed as multiple filters instead.

I’ve attached a mockup for visual reference.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for your clear instructions and mockups. It’s around 3-4 hrs of job and our hourly rate is $40/hr for the customisation. We’ll need FTP and WP Login via email support@flippercode.com so we can make changes at your site directly.
Thanks for the quick reply! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The email notification went to SPAM and I didn't see it right away.

Customization sounds like a viable option. How will that impact plugin updates and future-proofing? Will it be possible to update the plugin and retain any modifications that you've made?
We are sorry for the delay, yeah you are able to download the future updates after plugin customization without any issue. Please send us your further all details at support@flippercode.com

Not a problem. Due to a time constraints, we've had to pursue a different solution. However, it's great to know that plugin updates won't break the customizations. I'll definitely keep it in mind for the future. Thanks for the help! Sorry it couldn't work out right now.
Your Most welcome, If you need any help or service please let us know.

Thank You :)

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