I added the categories in tabs function on my site and it looks horrible. I used the exact same size icon and they don’t fit within the horizontal rules. I have attached a screenshot. I almost seems like they are doing an accordion function upon hover.

Here is the link if this helps: https://evolutiondogwash.com/locations-2/
It seems you have applied custom CSS on your google maps, that's why marker are shifted to left. Are you using latest version 4.0.7? Please let me know if you are using an older version please update it to the latest version.

I'm using the latest version of the plugin. The only custom CSS is related to the category badge and the search section. Nothing to do with the tabs section:

.fc-badge.info {
background: #fff !important;
border: 0px solid #212f3d!important;

div.wpgmp_search_form input.wpgmp_search_input {
padding: 21px 0px 21px 10px!important;
border: 1px solid #212f3d!important;}

Your CSS code is related to listings, Please go to frontend.css at line number 20 remove the width: auto and your issue will be resolved.
Please try this and let me know.

You will find this css
.wpgmp_tabs_container *, .wpgmp_listing_container *, .wpgmp_infowindow {
width: auto; //remove it.

Thanks! How do I get the check marks to show on the left-hand side rather than underneath and forcing the links to move?
Your Most welcome, I have to check your link but I am getting 404 error on your provided link.


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