I’m a Newbie. Please be patient.

1. Can one set up the info windows so as to display different info for different categories of map listing?

EG. If a hotel has a free listing on my site the InfoWindow would display only name and address. If its a basic level paid listing the InfoWindow would display additional fields like contact details, rates, etc. If it is a premium listing then display plenty more plus images. Maybe even a click takes the viewer to a detailed listing page.
2. Could one add multiple icons into the InfoWindow box?
This would be used to display features/facilities available. For example one might show that a hotel has a swimming pool, free wifi, secure parking etc.
(I’m enclosing a screenshot of an example- see the icons to the left of the finger)
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#1 You can display additional fields like contact, fax, rates etc easily by using this plugin. You have to create an extra field these extra fields will display on a location backend add/manage location where you have to insert the values of the fields. Then You have to place the placeholder at info window message at infowindow settings under add/manage map page. Please follow this guide tutorial for more help https://wpgmp.flippercode.com/docs/how-to-create-extra-fields-for-location-infowindow/

#2 Multiple Icons on an infowindow is not possible in this plugin. We have added rating infowindow skin in our latest version 5.0 so you can use it.

Hi Divyang,

Thank you for the response.
#1. Excellent. But you didn't answer the second part of that question. Can I set up the system so that certain fields (like these extra fields) only show up on certain listings. In simple terms if I give my user a free advert the info in that infowindow will be basic but a paying advertiser would get a lot more detail in that window.

Also could one put on the more advanced infowindow, a button with a link so that if clicked will take the user to a details page?

#2 Multiple Icons. Maybe I should not have used the word icon here.
Within the InfoWindow can I put in multiple image boxes so that I can display tiny pics representing features being offered at that location.
For example, the location could be a Hotel and would be represented on the map by a Hotel Icon. Within the InfoWindow I might show pics of WiFi, Swimming pool, laundry etc.

Thank you again

Sorry for the delay, we had holidays for a Holi Festival.
#1 You have to create multiple maps for a different style of listings to achieve this "Can I set up the system so that certain fields (like these extra fields) only show up on certain listings." You can insert any information in location info window by using extra fields/custom fields etc. You can create a button with the link on your location info window very easily. In our default info window, we have provided the button.

#2 You can display multiple icons because our infowindow message box is fully HTML compatible so you can display it as you wish. You have to insert multiple img src HTML tags to display multiple icons/images on a location infowindow.



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