i’ve added custom markers as I want each location to be a different color but without the symbols of your pre-made ones. I’ve added them for the ‘location image’. But this just shows in the info window. What I really need is custom markers, and that’s what I thought this plugin would allow when I purchased it today. Is it possible to have custom markers?

Also, is there a way to have a link in the info window? I don’t want just the redirect without the info window popping up. I tried to add one but it didn’t work.

Many thanks in advance

When you're setting up the marker array, the element 'category' corresponds to the names of the markers you set up inside the plugin. I created many different markers inside the plugin, different colors and names. Then in the filter you use logic to assign that element category.

$new_markers = array();
$new_marker[] = array(
'id' => "", //this is like a subtitle. Use it for time. Must be unique
'address' => $address,
'latitude' => $home_row -> latitude,
'longitude' => $home_row -> longitude,
'title' => $home_row -> cust_name, //this is big across the top
'message' => 'I am a big fat infowindow',
//'icon' => 'Path of markers Icon here',
'category' => 'default');
$new_markers = array_merge($new_markers, $new_marker);

That's my home pin, drawn from the database with wpdb as $home_row. Then I query the other pins and they will be assigned 'category' => 'orange', or whatever. So "orange" has to be set up in the plugin. In that setup is where you specify the custom PNG image that will be the final marker.
Please check this guide tutorial we have created to assign custom marker https://wpgmp.flippercode.com/docs/how-to-customize-the-marker-category-icons/

You are loading markers from an external source above, using this method you can display markers on a google maps by using external database.


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