Is it possible to specify custom marker icon url in shortcode. I am using the shortcode below and want to add a marker icon image

[display_map width=”500″ height=”500″ zoom=”5″ language=”en” map_type=”ROADMAP” map_draggable=”true” marker1=”39.639538 | -101.527405 | title | infowindow message | marker category name”]

To Display Custom Marker you need to create a marker category and insert the category name in the shortcode as I displayed in below shortcode.
[display_map width="500" height="500" zoom="5" language="en" map_type="ROADMAP" map_draggable="true" marker1="39.639538 | -101.527405 | title | infowindow message | beaches"]
In this shortcode, I have created a marker category "beaches" which custom marker is shown on a map. Check this guide tutorial of create a marker category


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