after having successfully imported locations from csv files (with separator=’,’), I am now trying to import a list using a different separator (‘;’), in order to have multiple Categories (separated by ‘,’) as a field (csv file attached). Everything appears to go into the Extra Field: “addresscategorieslatitudelongitudemessagetitle”. It appears that the ‘;’ separator is not recognised (I have specified it prior to importing). I have tried with different types of separator, but it seems that anything other than ‘,’ would not work.

Andrea Botti

I have sent you a mail regarding this issue.
Thanks to your reply. Based on your response, I understand that as a matter of fact the plugin DOES NOT support any delimiter other than commas ','.
Could this be fixed asap please?
ok, we will look on this at our end and let you know but your CSV field title(Address, latitude, longitude etc) should be on every new field or row. If your title is on the same field then it will consider as a single extra field.
Maximum Comma separated CSV is used.



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