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Hi, I have a map that has motel and water locations. I have a main category for both “Motels” that would show ALL the motels on the map, and under it there are sub categories to show motels by state. And the same for my water locations. Main “Water” category for all of the locations and then categories for each state.
When I try to select ALL of the locations under either the Motel or Water main category, I get an, “Unresponsive Script” error with the option to “Continue” “Debug Script” “Stop Script”. If I select states individually, the markers show up just fine.
The link to the map is,
Unless I’m mistaken, showing “ALL” locations worked at one time?
I currently have the site password protected because it’s just a test site at this point. If you need the password to look at the map, please let me know an email to send the password to.

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