Hey there, Saw the 5.0 update, wanted to update directly from the “check updates” button on the homepage of the button

It display the popupbox with nothing inside, so im stuck in 4.0.7 since i’ve buy the plugin. (look at my screenshot)

How I can update the product ? Do I have to do it manually ….?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you have to update the plugin manually. Please go to https://www.codecanyon.net/downloads and download the latest version update. You have to remove the older version and install the latest version of the plugin, during this process you will not lose any data.


Thanks you it worked.

So If I understand correctly when I delete the app all the table in the database are not deleted to keep the data here ?
Yes, you have to delete the older version of the plugin and install a new version plugin. You will not lose any data during this process.
Done, Thanks !

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