Hi! Greetings from Brazil and first of all, thanks for your work!

Unfortunately I couldn´t get it working porperly until now!!

I´ve bought the One Page Pro Template, and it came with your plugin. I´ve already created a Map, a Location but if you check my website you will see that it´s not rendering properly!
Can you, PLEAAASE, help me??

My problem is that the quadrants are loading with different parts of the map… and also, there is something wrong with the perspective!
When the page loads, you can see it correctly, but than, it´s replaced for this wrong view!

Thank you for your support,

I Forgot so leave my website address : dev.socialqi.com.br
I checked your map and found you are using the free version of Google Maps Plugin. Your map is loading without any issue at my end. I have enclosed screenshot. For more information, you can check our Guide Tutorial https://wpgmp.flippercode.com/tutorials/
I hope it helps you.


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