I am using Posts to populate my google map – unfortunately since the update, somethings are very buggy and I was forced to go back to the previous version. Could you let me know about the following please:

1. When populating the InfoWindow with the content from a news post – before I was able to format the text (Spacing and Bold fonts etc.) – however, now all the formating done is lost – it seems to only be showing the text and none of the formating.

2. The InfoWindow seems to have a restriction to the amount of text shown – in the previous version the size of the window was always large enough to show the full content – now, after a set length, only “…” is shown. As we do not link to the Post in the Info Window, it has thrown our concept out of the window.

3. Zoom levels on load- I had it set to 11 – now the page loads at zoom level 5 – even if I change all the settings (even in the new mobile view part) none of the changes are included on the site – zoom stays by 5. This issue remains even after I have gone back to the old version! Help!!!

While I am Happy with the new features as well as the new layout – it should not break the functionality that was included in the previous version.

The site in question is: http://haltung.hamburg – as mentioned, I have now gone back to the previous version.

Would be happy to provide a login, should you need one!

Kind regards

To add - I have done the stardard troubleshooting - cleared caches etc.
Please check your map, we have resolved this issue at your end.

Perfect - thanks so much. :-)

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