I have installed and activated WP User Avatar plugin on a WP multisite install.
The [avatar_upload] shortcode works fine.
The published avatar is shown in comments, which is also fine.
However, the [avatar] shortcode always shows the default avatar, even on a page where there are comments and the comments display the published avatar.
Please advise.

I added this in line 92 of class-wp-user-avatar-shortcode.php :
$user = wp_get_current_user();
Now it works.
Glad to know your issue has been resolved, Yes we call this function as you mentioned above for current user avatar display. We have a shortcode also which exactly does same work as the function. You have to use [avatar user=current] shortcode where you want to display the current user avatar.

Hi and thanks for quick feedback.
Do you provide a shortcode to display the avatar of a specific user, such as [avatar userlogin=toto], where login would be user login to site?
Otherwise, where can I find shortcodes documentation?
To display current user avatar you have to use [avatar user=current] shortcode. You can check our shortcodes at plugin "How to Use" Menu.


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