I have my locations listed ordered by category priority. I would also like my list to be ordered alphabetically. So they would be ordered by category then within that category, be ordered alphabetically.
For example:
Cat 1 – AA1
Cat 1 – BB1
Cat 1 – CC1
Cat 2 – AA2
Cat 2 – BB2
Cat 2 – CC2
Cat 3 – AA3
Cat 3 – BB3
Cat 3 – CC3

Is that possible?

Yeah this is only possible when you set a category according to priority like cat1 is 0, cat2 is 1, cat3 is 2, cat4 is 4 and so on.
I hope you got it.

I feel like there should be a simpler way to do this. I am categorizing my locations by state, and prioritizing them so they are listed in alphabetical order. But then within that category they are appearing in the order I've posted them, it appears. But I'd really like them to appear in alphabetical order of the title.
Can you send me your page URL where the map is located so I can check it at your end also? If you select a category priority as a sort by and select a Sort Order as an Ascending under listing settings at add/manage map page then you will get location listing according to the category.

Yes, my listings are appearing in the right order per category, based on their priority. But I have multiple listings within one category and within a category, I would like them to be listed in alphabetical order of the listing title.
Here's what's happening - I'm listing Colleges. I have them in categories by state, because I want them to be grouped together and the states to be listed in alphabetical order. I've accomplished this by giving the states/categories priorities. So that part is working.
But my colleges (which are the location titles) within the states appear to listing a random order. (They are listing in the order in which they were posted, but to my client and everyone else who views the site, it's random.) My client wants them to appear in alphabetical order within the state.
I have already gone through and created more categories to have the listings appear in the order I want them to because we're getting ready to go live with the site and I didn't want this to hold us back. However, my fear is that in the future when my client tries to add a location to the map, it'll be very difficult for them to use.
Here's a link, but like I said, I already manually put them in my order.
You have displayed a category via category priority in listings so your locations will not be displayed randomly, It is displayed by category (i.e ascending and descending order) not by title. You need to enable a another sort checkbox in listing where you are able to sort your locations as per need but in default it is sort by a category because it is displayed by "Category priority".
Please check our example of sorting: https://wpgmp.flippercode.com/example/sort-locations-in-listings/
In your case only this will be applicable. At a same time by default category priority/title is not possible.

Your website link is not opening at my end. I am getting this message "Access to alphachirho.1stteamweb.com was denied
You don't have authorization to view this page."
I know they are not displaying randomly. Yes, they are displaying in the order of category priority. But WITHIN THE CATEGORY, they are displaying in the order I posted them. What controls the order WITHIN a category?
Please share your page URL and you can also share wp admin details at support@flippercode.com so we can also check it at your end. Your mention URL is not opening at my end

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