I have purchased the WP Display Files plugin, installed it, no problems so far.
Then I have configured a Dropbox APP to obtain the access token (fields not mentioned left with default values):
APP folder name: OPK-wp-display-files
Redirect URIs: https://opistobranquis.info (the URL generating Dropbox API requests)
Generate access token
Then I have configured WP Display Files Dropbox Settings:
Paste the Access Token so I get the message “Authorization complete, connection with Dropbox API seems to be OK”
It does NOT ask me for APP Key nor APP Secret.
Then I create Shortcode (fields not mentioned left with default values):
Source: Dropbox
Folder path: /OPK-wp-display-files
Filter files by extension: pdf
Layout: Layout_1
Login required: NO
Save Shortcode
Then I paste the generated shortcode in a page: [display_files id=1]
The page shows nothing. What am I doing wrong ?
I found a video in Youtube from 2015 but the interface seems to have changed a lot since. Does not match enough for me to understand which values should be set into which fields.

#1 Now Dropbox has updated API Key from version 1 to version 2 so there is no need to insert APP Secret and Client Key to sync the account. Now you only need to insert Access Token Key and your account will be sync.
We have created a guide tutorial related to it, please check it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OienF-wZyZs&list=PLlCp-8jiD3p1w9znvmRdh7Vkkmv-dtjn5&index=7

We have mentioned here all needed methods to syncronize dropbox and display it listings via using Display Files Plugin.

Thank you Divyang Goswami, this video was all I needed to configure the plugin, it worked just fine.

However, when I click on the download button of a single document, I get a BIG ZIP file with all the Dropbox folder contents, instead of the file I intended. In fact, all the download links are exactly the same, for any published document.

Perhaps the shared folders are intended not to have subfolders?

Or perhaps this is a bug? My version of the plugin is 2.0.4 and the version of Wordpress is 4.9.2.
Okay, Please provide me your page URL and wp-admin details so we can check it at your end.


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