I’m so happy I found the Pro version of this plugin! So far so good, but I’m wondering how to achieve an overlay on the screen so my data is easy to read when a pointer is clicked. Please check out my map at http://319.85c.myftpupload.com/ When I click on a point the info appears in a white box. I’d like it to appear in an overlay just like when you click on a point of interest on this map: http://www.winesofchile.org/en/regions-and-vineyards

Also, not sure if this is a separate ticket request, but how do I remove that red point of interest on my map that lists the page on which the map is placed?

Thank you very much for your Support Ticket,
#1 This is not possible in this plugin to display an overlay when the point is clicked.
#2 That red point marker is shown because, you have assigned "Chile" location on Google Maps Metabox on this WordPress post "Reason We Exist", Please deselect the map on the mentioned post and your red marker will be removed.

Perfect. Thank you. The #2 fix you provided also fixed a separate issue I was having with the infobox not centering. Thanks!

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