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Display posts, custom posts, taxonomies & custom fields effortlessly

Admin needs to specify only the layout/design, styling by default remains unchanged according to the currently installed and active theme to maintain compatibility.

Wordpress Posts Types

Pagination, Lazy Loading & Carousel Supported Post Listing


Lazy Loading

Carousel Supported

Filter Posts Using Simple, Most Commonly Used & Advanced Filters.

Admin can easily apply simple to complex filters from backend on post listing. This plugin allows admin to filter posts by almost all criteria.

Filter Post By Custom Fields & Their values

Filter Posts by Custom Fields

Filter Post By Taxonomy Terms / Categories & Their values

Taxonomy Terms

Filter Post By Many Other Commonly Used Criteria.

Posts Filters

Choose Readymade Post Listing Template Or Create Your Own

This plugin includes beautiful, responsive and most widely used ready made post listing templates that allow you to a quick start with post listing. However, admin can easily create a customized templates to meet website requirements with help of powerful placeholders that display dynamic content on the front end.

Posts Listing Templates

Decide Posts Orders Easily

You don’t inherently have much control over posts listing order in WordPress core. With WordPress Posts Listing Plugin, you can have complete control over posts listing easily.

Exclude Individual Posts from Listings

You can exclude certain posts based on Posts IDs, Author Name, Categories, or you can write your own rule to exclude posts using a hook.

Customizable Template Settings

Default Templates Can Be Easily Customized

Template Customization

Fully Customizable Settings That Provides Full Control Over Post Listing

How to Get Started?

  • Step 1: Install WP Posts Pro Plugin.
  • Step 2: Create Post Listing Rule According To Requirements.
  • Step 3: Apply A Template On The Generated Rule.
  • Step 4: Copy & Paste The Generated Shortcode To Display Post Listing.
  • Step 5: You are done.