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Show Files Listing from Custom Directory

Show folder & files from Custom Directory, Box, Dropbox, Amazon storage,
Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive Storage.

Files Listing from Custom Directory

Listing Custom Directory

Display Files From Dropbox Storage

Sync your Dropbox files with plugin by inserting API Key and API Secret Key

Dropbox Sync

Dropbox Connection

Display Files from Box Storage

Sync your Box Cloud Storage files with plugin by inserting API Key and API Secret Key

Box Storage

Box Storage

Sync Your Account with Amazon S3 Storage

Sync your Amazon S3 files with plugin by inserting API Key and API Secret Key and display it on Frontend

amazon s3 storage files

Amazon S3 Storage Files

Display Files stored in Google Drive

Sync your Google Drive files/Folder via backend and insert the folder name which you want to display on a frontend

Google Drive Storage

Sync plugin with Microsoft One Drive Account.

This is the best way to sync and display One drive account files via backend

Microsoft One Drive Connection

Filters files by extension and Exclude Files/Folders

You can filter your files by inserting their extensions like png, PHP, jpeg,mp4,3gp and exclude it as well.

File Exclude

Display Files according to Role

Only selected Roles can access your cloud storage file and folder.

Display Files According to Role

Prevent unauthorized access

Now your files are more secure by providing roles based permission to access the file. The unwanted user can not access your files and not able to download.

Role Based Permission

Role Based Permission

Synchronize Time Period

Specify time period to synchronize your files from Dropbox, Amazon s3, google drive, box and one drive.
You can manually synchronize by updating your shortcode.

Synchronize Time Period

Manual Files & Folder synchronization

Add your custom CSS to match your template

You can insert your custom CSS and design cloud listing according to your site template

Custom CSS

Developer Friendly Hooks Supported

We have a number of hooks to take control of files listing or permission to access files.

Hooks Supported


Multilingual & Multisite Supported

This product works well on both single site and multisite WordPress setup. You can translate user interface using .po files

Doesn’t meet your requirement?

We’re dedicated to making this product more useful for the community and requesting your suggestions or feature request to make it a suitable product for you.


How to Get Started?

This plugin is super easy to use.

  • Step 2: Choose Storage & Configure it.
  • Step 3: Enter folder/bucket name to get files & folder.
  • Step 4: Save and Get Shortcode.
  • Step 5: Paste shortcode on your page.
  • Step 6: That’s it You’re done.