To improve the interaction design of their WordPress sites, developers can now add a variety of hover effects to their webpage elements. No longer are WordPress hover effects restricted to images. As a website designer, you can now add a variety of hover effects to every UI element on your webpage.

A hover design primarily determines how different elements respond when users hover a cursor on them. Among the latest WordPress features, the Element Hover enables you to add a hover effect to images and other elements of your WordPress site. First, let us look at the various hover effects that can boost your interaction design.

Six of the Best Hover Effects

The WordPress Element Hover feature allows you to add a variety of hover effects. We have selected 7 of the best hover effects that can boost your website’s interaction design and conversions. Here are these 7 hover effects:

  1. Background color hover effect

    Imagine adding a colorful transition effect to the background of any webpage element. A colorful effect can bring a rich and rewarding visual experience to your website visitor. Background color effects can also be used to add focus to an important webpage component in your WordPress website.

    How do you set the background color hover effect? You can set the background color and transition time from “Section > Style > Background > Hover” panel.

  2. Background column color hover effect

    Background columns with high-contrast colors can always capture the attention of any visitor. With this hover effect, you can highlight feature boxes by setting the column color to a different color. As feature boxes mostly comprise text, the use of colored columns can play the role of getting the user’s attention.

    How do you set the background column color hover effect? You can set the background column color from “Column > Style > Background > Hover” panel.

  3. Border hover effect

    Besides columns, borders of webpage elements can also be used to add a hover effect. For instance, to grab the visitor’s attention, you can add color to a feature box with a simple border design. This type of decorative effect is ideal for landing pages or websites with minimalistic designs.

    Another purpose of using a border hover effect can be to highlight the featured text that had no pronounced border in the previous state.

    How do you set the border hover effect? You can set the border width (in pixels) from “Column > Style > Border > Hover” panel.

  4. Background overlay hover effect

    For any image or video background in your webpage, you can use the overlay effect to enhance the interaction design. While this hover effect is not as impactful as the others, it can still capture the visitor’s attention.

    How do you set the background overlay hover effect? You can set the background color, opacity, and transition time from the “Section > Style > Background Overlay > Hover” panel.

  5. Box shadow hover effect

    Imagine your long images elevating upwards! This is the impact of the box shadow hover effect for images, which combines box shadows and animations. Box shadows are effective at enhancing the functional design aspects of your website.

    How do you set the box shadow hover effect? You can set the box shadow color and additional attributes (blur, spread, and vertical) from the “Image > Advanced > Border > Hover” panel.

  6. Image position hover effect

    You can use this WordPress image hover effect for the same image in both normal and hover positions. This hover effect provides a smooth animated motion whenever the user hovers over the long image.

    How do you set the image position hover effect? You can set the same image (for both normal and hover) and the image position from the “Section > Style > Background > Hover” panel.

  7. Before & After image hover effects

    This is another variation of the image hover effects in WordPress sites. For example, you can set the image transition from black & white color to a more pronounced color. This ability to switch image colors can lead to the creation of many creative designs.

How do you set the Before & After image hover effect? You can set the “normal” image (for the black and white version) and the “hover” version color from the “Section > Style > Background” panel.

Apart from the Element Hover feature in WordPress, you can add more hover effects using the WP Image Hover Effects plugin. In the next section, we shall talk more about this WordPress plugin for the image hover effect.

About the WP Image Hover Effects plugin

With the WP Image Hover Effects plugin, you can add a variety of hover effects without writing any code or editing the CSS files.

Here are some of the main features of the WP Image Hover Effects plugin:

  • Supports 40+ CSS3 image effects, which can be applied to blog post images.
  • Use of dynamic placeholders {} to show dynamic information on image hover overlays
  • Plugin compatible with Avada, Divi, Storefront, and other WordPress themes
  • Support for quick updates of hover effects including overlay image color and text color
  • Configurable animation properties such as animation speed – along with overlay height, width, and opacity
  • Support for both single and multi-color overlay effects for images
  • Includes both ready-to-use and customizable hover effects
  • Dedicated customizer tool for obtaining finer control over animated hover effects
  • Compatible with WordPress theme coding standards
  • Compatible with WPML Multilingual WordPress plugin

With this plugin, you can add hover effects on different webpage elements including:

  • Blog post images (or thumbnails)
  • Customized post type images
  • WooCommerce product images
  • Website page images.


The right amount of hover effects can boost the visual aesthetics of your WordPress site and boost its interaction design. This makes your website more attractive and engaging for potential users or customers.

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