To apply hover effects on posts/pages featured images is an useful feature of this plugin. Admin can show different types of hover effects on both posts and pages featured images.
When you activate the plugin default effects are set for different post type you can change or customize the effects if you want to make changes.

Below are the minimal steps for the admin to apply hover effects on featured image:-

Step 1 First go to Image Hover Effects Plugin >General Settings

Image Hover Posts Type

Step 2 In General Settings page Image Hover Effect Content use the placeholders for showing post content on hover effect according to your requirements. Copy the placeholders and paste in text area.
Note : Do not make changes in html tags, change only placeholders.

Step 3 Select the pages on which you want to apply hover effects on featured image.Select the all pages to apply hover effects on all pages or you can select some specific pages.

Step 4You can see the preview of selected effects that is going to display on featured image.
Step 5 From Customize This Effect button you can make some changes in the effect.

Step 6 If you want to change the effect you can change the effect form Change Effect button and can choose some other effect.
Step 7 You can remove the current effect form Remove Effect button.

Step 8 At the end click on Save Settings to apply change.

Preview of Post Featured Image
Image Hover Preview

Video Tutorial