Tooltip: A tooltip is a message infowindow with that information you provided.
Mouse Hover to display new tootltip (and close any previous open tooltip).Mouse Click to display tooltip in placeholder on ‘MouseClick’ Event. To show tooltip on any event you should do following steps :

Show tooltip message on ‘Mouse Hover’

Step 1Go to Add or Edit Map Page and scroll down to ‘Tooltip Settings’ section.
Step 2Enable the ‘Show Tooltip’ checkbox.
Step 3select the Mouseover for display tooltip in mouse hover action.

Mouse Hover Tool Tip

Show tooltip message on ‘Mouse Click’

Step 1In the Edit Map page select the Click On Selected Area for display tooltip in mouse click action.

Mouse Click Tool Tip

Step 2Then click on Save Settings.

Live Example Of Mouse Hover

Live Example Of Mouse Click

Video Tutorial