A tooltip is often used to specify extra information about something when the user moves the mouse pointer over an element.

Customize Tooltip Settings in backend

Step 1Go to Add or Edit Map Page.
Step 2Scroll down to Tooltip Settings section and enable ‘Show Tooltip’.
Step 3Customize the tooltip settings according to your requirement.

Tooltip settings

    1. Show Tooltip On : Display tooltip on mouse over and mouse click.
    2. Tooltip Header Color : Set the tooltip heading color.
    3. Tooltip Text Color : Set the tooltip text color.
    4. Tooltip Background Color : Set the tooltip background color.

Tool Tip Backend Settings

  1. Tooltip Header Font Size : Set the Tooltip Header font size in pixels.
  2. Tooltip Text Font Size : Set the tooltip text font size in pixels.
  3. Bold (Tooltip Header) : Set the heading in ‘Bold’.
  4. Italic (Tooltip Header) : Set the heading Italic.
  5. Tooltip Border Radius : The border-radius property is used to add rounded corners to an element

Step 4Then scroll page and click on Save Settings.

Video Tutorial