Create World Marker Map

Step 1Go to Add Map from WP Geo Map Plugin.
Step 2Enter Map title and select ‘Marker’ in Display Mode option.
Step 3Enter Map width and height(Leave it blank if you want to make map responsive)
Step 4Select ‘World Map’ in Main Map option.
Step 5Select Resolution for the map according to your need.

You’ll see lots of options here which you can configure according to your requirements.

Marker World Map

Assign marker locations in Geo map

Before you assign marker location in a map, make sure you created marker type locations. To learn more, take a look at our tutorial on How to create marker type locations in geo map Now you have to add or assign marker locations(according to world map) in your map.

Step 6Scroll down to ‘Choose Regions’ section of the same window and select marker types locations according to your ‘world-map’.

Assign Marker Type Location

Step 7Click Save Settings. All the maps you created will be display in Manage Maps page.

Live example Of World Map with marker

World Map With Capitals

Video Tutorial