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Hi, when trying to edit existing categories a 504 error page appears…

any suggestions?


Hello Flippercode,

So far I am really enjoying the plugin. However, I discovered that the location markers aren’t showing up on the map on the website. I do see the markers in Firefox, but I don’t see them in Google Chrome or Safari. When I open the website on my phone or another computer I don’t see any location markers at all. If I enable the listing below the map, I can see the list of locations and when I click on a certain location, the info window shows up on the map. So that works properly, but I’m not seeing any location markers, which is quite essential. You can find the map on http://dekunst10daagse.promoteyournetwork.com/locaties/. If you need any login credentials, please ask me.

Really hope you can help me fix this.

Kind regards,
Don van Baar

Hello and congratulations to your awesome plugin!

I don’t understand the hook to display markers dynamically.

In my template i have the following code:
echo do_shortcode('[put_wpgm id=3]');

In my function.php is this code:
$map_id = 3;
function add_markers($markers,$map_id) {
$markers = array(1033, 1035, 1040);
return $markers;

In frontend I can’t see any marker and get the following console-error:
TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'place.location.lat')

Where is my mistake of reason?

Thank you for help.

My markers have maybee a second Image.
Maybee a web link, a link to a pdf, or a phone number.
I can add those with the extra fields but if its empty, i have still the icons for the infos and a broken image. how should I do that?

I see all my locations on the back end but when using Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge they are missing. I’m using cluster markers and those show but once you click it the individual location markers do not show. It works just fine in Safari.

Thanks for the help,

When creating a map from the plugin on the WP dashboard I can only select from the 500 or so markers in the library. How do I access the many more available in the widget, which I prefer not to use because I’m having issues with that too (separate support ticket!) or at least be able to change the colour of the standard red pin?

I am creating an events website where I want to display a map on each event page with a marker for that particular event.

I am using the Pro version of the WP Google Map plugin to generate maps based on data inputted into Advanced Custom Fields. The map outputs the data perfectly, however it places markers for all event locations entered into the map custom field.

Is there a way to make the map only display a marker for the corresponding event page that it is loaded onto?

Thanks in advance.

If there is a form where users can enter their address, this can be geolocated to the same Latitude and Longitude. If they all live in the same apartment building, for example. The resulting markers then appear overlapped and only the top one is accessible/clickable.

There are various solutions, such as: https://github.com/nmccready/OverlappingMarkerSpiderfier But this is hard to integrate ourselves without more knowledge of the ways your plugin works. We may be willing to pay for you to apply this solution, if you are interested?

Thanks in advance

I have a question. I added a custom post type, and there created object A, then I created another object B. What should I do if the object A and the object B have the same address? The map shows only one marker when several objects can be attached to this one address.
I know only this solution – https://github.com/jawj/OverlappingMarkerSpiderfier, it is possible to apply something like this in future updates?

This problem is most apparent on a map with category filtering, when one object with the same address can be in different categories, and when all categories are selected, only one marker of a particular object is displayed.

Hi Guys,

I added your Google Maps plugin today and I’m working my way through all the features – it’s an awesome plugin! But one thing that I would like to do is have different markers for each location. With the custom pins I’ve created, people will be able to get an idea what something is without having to click on the marker first. However, it appears that you can only have one type of marker visible at the same time. I saw a response to a similar question another user had where you replied:

“Yes you can use custom image as a marker for a single location. Create a location using add location and assign the location during map creation. At add/manage map you have to choose custom marker image as shown in screenshot and save the map.

#issue 1 :But during this process, you have to choose only single location to display custom marker. If you choose multiple location with assigned markers then you will see location with respective marker.

#issue 2: If you choose any location without assigned any marker then all locations will have same marker.”

Is there a way to use the custom marker you specify for each location (and appears in the info window) on the Goggle Map itself? Otherwise I end up with 30 markers that all look the same.



Hello, we have an issue with markers that’s occurred on two occasions. First, when list of locations was uploaded to plugin, many locations (not all) were not plotting in proper location on the map. Some were off by hundreds of miles…in other states. I had to go in and manually edit latitude and longitude to get pins to plot properly. That took a lot of time but it was all working fine.

Then we moved the site recently from test mode to another server and new URL to go live and the same problem popped up. Many pins (seems like the same locations as the first time) did not plot in correct locations. It’s still fine on the test site but the live site is a mess. I’ve attached two screen shots to illustrate the difference. One is correct. The other is very wrong.

Is there an easy way to accurately transfer the correct data from the old test site to the new live site. I do not want to go back in and re-enter all of those geographic coordinates again if I can avoid it. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance.

I have made a bunch of custom markers that are appearing at all the loications as specified by Category slug. They all work fine, but The map also shows a standard google marker, the dark red one, over the top of my one, in an identical spot but in the foreground. I have removed the default marker in the settings, but itss till appearing, how can I get rid of it and make just my marker appear? Thanjks

Hello I purchased the Pro version from CodeCanyon to use with the WordPress theme Salient, also sold on the Envato marketplace. The plugin shows no errors but certain options are shown but don’t work. I can not change the default marker at all, not even custom, but even the included map icons with your plugin.

For example, I create a map and go to change the default marker, I can choose an icon and it shows on the backend, but the frontend always shows the red pin. Cleared cache, no caching plugin installed and even tried incognito. nothing.


I edited my map and selected a marker from the list provided by you in the plugin. Saved map. Map still showing the default Google marker. What am I not doing right?


My custom markers are not showing. Please see screenshots… https://snag.gy/HnTrGL.jpg and https://snag.gy/iItuHR.jpg

Hi Guys,

I’ve added my location, added it to a map, set my default cat with icon, and added the shortcode to the page. Map shows up centred where it should be but no markers will show no matter what.

Here is site: http://www.kenora-realestate.com/exclusive_listings/your-private-island-retreat/

Please help.


Is there any way to have the map automatically center (both on mobile/desktop devices) to include all map markers? Screenshot attached…thanks!


I have used the Multiple Locations shortcode to display mutliple markers on my map:
[display_map marker1=”53.653240 | -1.528038″ marker2=”53.660002 | -1.532408″ marker3=”53.665607 | -1.538635″ marker4=”53.671957 | -1.549060″ marker5=”53.672891 | -1.550031″ marker6=”53.674545 | -1.551609″ marker7=”53.675911 | -1.552580″]

How do I display tabs on that map when the markers are displayed on the page. Please see the attached image

Is WC Store Locator able to do clustering for markers? I couldn’t cluster markers in live demo so I’m asking here. Also, is it possible to test CSV import before buying the plugin?

Thank you for your attention.

I have installed WP Google Maps plugin, and it seems to work properly except because once I try to visualize the markers in the map they appear only for a few seconds, then disappear.

You can check here:


Hi, i would need to have markers differentiated between them, so as to distinguish the points indicated on the map and not have them all the same. Or limit the number of markers that can be added with the ability to upload their images. On the map may also appear the individual markers in the insertion order. For example the first marker of red color, the second yellow, etc… Thanks.

Hi all,
I have a map with multiple markers. I need to build a list of all the addresses and when I click one of the addresses in the list it should open the infowindow or highlight the marker for the address clicked. Is there a way to reference “onclick” the various markers in the map using their ID’s and javascript so when the link is clicked the marker is centered and the infowindow is opened?


Hello, recently purchased this plugin and love it! My only issue is that I am now trying to change the category marker images and when I click on it, the modal background fires, but nothing shows above that…

I have disabled and re-enabled the plugin as suggested by another post on this forum with no luck.