Hard Work Speaks - Sandeep Kumar

Hi Guys,
I have emailed for a response from you but no joy. I have bought and setup WP Google Maps Pro plugin on a clients site. Everything is setup but for some strange reason there seems to be an issue with the Radius Search when we use the map.

For example the clients site is an events website, where they host different events across the UK. They have an event in Kent. Type in Kent the listing shows the events. They also have some shows in London and surrounding areas. So you would think adding 200 mile radius would display these shows? It simply does not.

However if you type in Birmingham into the search and add 500 mile radius it DOES show listings in London. It seems the radius filter is not searching correctly and intermittently displays the correct results. I need some assistance sorting this out. I have emailed you directly but not had a response.