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Hello. This is my client code 73157B0D-0BA5-40F5-BC4D-E037B55ED0C5

Email customize works only in ” Password Reset Request Email – Send Users Password Reset Link Via Email To Change Password ”

I trying to Overwrite core email when new user registers. ( User Email ) but nothing happens

Dear Team,
As discussed via the Code Canyon site, I have bought the plugin and has configured the same for my site. I would like you to customize the plugin to include Rich snippets. Kindly note that this customization should be future proof. i.e. future updates to the plugin should not wipe out this functionality. Let me know how we will take this forward.

Greetings I’m using your Gold version of the Google Maps plugin. I have three things that my client is asking for.
Is there any hope to be able to do any of these?

• Can fusion table data be imported for use in the map AND the category filters and list. The map markers populate my map but I have no results for my categories or list below.

• Can the dropdown filter for the listings be edited to use custom parameters such as ‘city’ or ‘postal code’ instead of A–Z Title, A–Z Category, etc.?

• Is it possible to implement a check/uncheck “all” toggle button into the filter tabs that hides/shows all of the map markers? This seems like a convention that is currently missing from the front-end.