Upgrade WP Google Map Pro to Gold Version

This post is about how to upgrade to latest wp google map pro 3.0 successfully. We have changed this plugin completely by implementing new folder & files structures and 100% new coding, nothing is inherited from Pro version. It’s highly recommended that you should have a backup or install it on dev version if you’re […]

How to Add Bulk Addresses on your WordPress Website’s Map

Suppose you are the owner of the product company and you have address and name of your customers who have purchased your product and now you want to show location of all customers on your website’s map .this can be done by using Geocoding process The process of converting any street addresses like (1103 North […]

Add/Edit/Delete a Cron Job in WordPress

Cron is used when WordPress deals with scheduled activities.The word cron originate from time base work schedule in Unix .wordpress utilize cron for a number of operations.These planned jobs consist of checking for the latest version for WordPress, looking for the theme as well as plugins updates and also publishing scheduled article. One of many […]

What is “Links Manager” in WordPress?

When you install a completely fresh WordPress of version 3.5 or greater, you won’t see Links menu in your Dashboard. So if you like to add Link panel to your WordPress site (version 3.5 or greater) menu then, you have to download and install Links Manager plugin. Hence Links Manager is WordPress plugin that provides […]

How to Create a WordPress Plugin

Sometimes a WordPress theme’s built- in features are not just enough to provide that needed look and feel to your WP blog. This is the time when you desire for a plugin that enriches your blog and makes it different from the rest. The very first thing you can do is to find some already […]

How to Make a WordPress Plugin Multilingual

Multilingual WordPress plugin development is super easy and increases your target audience. At flippercode, our developers strictly follow the multilingual approach in any type of WordPress development. Instead of defining ‘Internationalization’ or ‘Localization’ words theoretically, I’d like to develop a multilingual plugin from scratch so you can understand this perfectly. Create “Hello World!” Multilingual Plugin […]

Essential Checklists Before Save Data in WordPress

Save data in WordPress in a secure way to reduce SQL injections chances and increase the stability of your project. Using few techniques we can make our WordPress plugin development very secure which we use in our every plugin development project at flippercode. Essential Checklist for Data Validation A checklist can be applied whenever you […]

Create Dynamic Meta Boxes in WordPress

Meta boxes are the small piece of HTML to add on administrative interface. These are used to extend posts/pages or custom post type edit screens to ask more related information. Using meta boxes, you can organized custom fields in a better way. How to Add Meta Boxes We’ve discussed hooks in details. We’ll use add_meta_boxes […]

A Complete Guide About Permalinks in WordPress

Selecting the best permalink structure for your blog is a preliminary and vital step because an inaccurate and complex permalink can give terrible results for your website or blog. Permalink is consisting of two words Parma and link. Parma means permanent and link stands for URL. Hence Permalink is the permanent URL that points to […]

A Complete Guide About Menus in WordPress

WordPress offers a superb and simplest approach to manage your website menus. If your website theme is supporting to menu then you can create, edit your menus very easily. Here we will discuss in detail how to create and use a new menu for your website. Creating a New Menu There is three type of […]

How to Use Export/Import in WordPress

WordPress comes with great features that make it best CMS of the world. If you want to export or import contents (like pages, posts etc) from one website to another you can do it without touching any coding part. With the help of WordPress import/export tools you can do contents transformation just by 3-4 steps. […]

Create Dynamic Custom Post Types in WordPress

Custom post types & custom fields are widely used at our company and without these, we can’t imagine a website other than a blog. We don’t use any plugin to create custom post types because of following reasons. To avoid unnecessary dependencies on third party plugins. Errors in the upcoming release of the plugin can […]

Tips to Reduce your Blog’s Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate? For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Bounce Rate refers to the percentage of visitors who visit the landing page of your website and right away leaves without browsing other pages of your site. It is generally considered that a site’s bounce rate scales up if it does not feed […]

How to Use Vagrant in WordPress Development

Vagrant for WordPress development comes to mind when you think about your difficulties to share same development environment between developers. Sometimes few things work on your PC but not on your client’s PC or on the live server. To rectify such issues, we need same server environment to see what exactly happening on another side. […]

How to Develop a WordPress Theme in One Day

A WordPress theme is a collection of templates files that decide the layout and behavior of your WordPress site. Themes have information about the design of the website, and other elements such as logos, headers, sidebar, and footers. There are thousands of free or paid WordPress themes available online. But they are not 100% suitable […]

SEO Strategies to Recover from Google Updates

Google has completed its 15 years and still maintaining the #1 in search engines due to its value and on time updates. The main motive of Google is to provide a better experience to the searcher for every new update. And to give good rank to the websites, who believe in fresh and valuable contents. […]

How to Optimize .htaccess of a WordPress Website

The .htaccess (Hypertext Access) is a very powerful file. It allows you to make changes in Apache web server configuration settings without affecting the main configuration file. In other words, you can modify the way the server behaves without changing the core settings. It is similar to using a child theme in WordPress because when […]

Best robots.txt of a WordPress Website

A text file is known as robots.txt that you put on your website to tell the crawlers that which pages you would like them to visit and not to visit. Search engines obey the things that are asked not to do, but robots.txt is not mandatory for them. Robot.txt is not any type of firewall […]

Difference Between WordPress 3.8 and WordPress 3.7

There are fully redesigned front and back end changes for WordPress 3.8 over WordPress 3.7. It is now smoother and fully responsive allowing for the finest user experience. If we compare WordPress 3.7 and 3.8 versions .3.8 not only appears stunning, but also the internal code has been further optimized. And make it a masterpiece for […]

Proven SEO Techniques for WordPress Websites

  All the website owners in the world are more conscious about their website ranking and traffic. They try many things to achieve their targets. But if making a website in WordPress then you need not worry about anything as WordPress comes with some great SEO Plugins with features that can really help to get […]

11 Best SEO Techniques For 2014

A hot topic for any website owner is that of SEO which is all about the ability of a site to rank highly for particular search terms in search engine results. If you don’t rank well in search, you may well be limiting your traffic considerably. Many efforts are made therefore to improve sites traffic […]

Promoting Websites through Forum Submissions

Forums are discussion boards where people of a particular niche or with common interest ask questions and share their views in form of threads. As defined by Wikipedia, internet forum “is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.”Forums Submissions today have become an integral part of off-page […]

Citation Building- Importance and Best Practices

One of the most effective ways of making your business register its presence and getting recognized is citation submissions. You can build citations of your business by mentioning the business name, locality and other contact details on other webpages. Business listing directories like yelp and yellow pages are prominent sources of submitting citations, bringing attention […]

Make your Website Accessible for Search Engines

A well designed and flashy looking website can be attractive to the eyes but it cannot drive visible amount of traffic if it is not accessible to search engines. Therefore the first step of a well-planned SEO strategy is to help robots of search engines index your website and thereby introducing it in the battle […]

How to Fix Parsing the Package Problem – Android App Installation

Are you getting “there is a problem parsing the package” message when trying to install an android application? Well, that’s because it is not verified from Google Play and you’re not downloading it from google play store but installing .apk from other source or directly copied on your handset. In this case, you have to […]