Every WordPress website owner wants their site to stand out from other websites. While static images can enhance the visual appeal of your website, adding an image hover effect is even better. Effectively, image hover effects in any WordPress site are a creative and interactive way to capture the audience’s attention.

Let us learn what is an image hover effect – and why you should add them to your WordPress site?

What is an Image Hover Effect?

An image hover effect is the use of visual and interactive elements like animations, zoom effects, and popups in your static website images. A hover effect (like zooming in) occurs whenever the user hovers over an image on the webpage. Other hover effects can include shrinking or rotating the image for visual appeal. Besides images, the hover effect can also be added to website links.

Thanks to its easy customization, WordPress-powered sites offer a lot of scope for using image hover effects. Next, let us discuss why should you add a hover effect to your WordPress site.

Why Add Hover Effects to WordPress?

Hover effects increase the visual appeal of any website and help in capturing the attention of your website visitors. For instance, image hover effects on CTA buttons or links can direct your visitor’s attention toward these site elements.

Here are some reasons why you should consider adding image hover effects:

  • Highlight webpage elements like buttons, links, and banners that you want the visitor to click.
  • Indicate which elements are clickable, thus setting them apart from other non-clickable elements.
  • Enhance the level of user interactions on your WordPress website.
  • Provide additional information like the page URL and action to be performed – when users hover over an image or link.
  • Increase the time spent by visitors on your website.

Overall, an image hover effect can improve the visual aesthetics of your website and encourage visitors to keep coming back to your website. Next, let us see how to add a hover effect to your WordPress site.

How To Add Hover Effects to WordPress

You can add a variety of image hover effects to your WordPress site by manually editing CSS files. The flipside of implementing the WordPress image hover effect with CSS is that you need the technical know-how and experience.

Instead of manually editing your CSS files, it is better to use an image hover effect WordPress plugin like WP Image Hover Effects. In the next section, we shall talk about this WordPress plugin for the image hover effect.

About the WP Image Hover Effects plugin

The WP Image Hover Effects plugin allows you to add a variety of hover effects without writing any code or editing the CSS files. Besides WordPress sites, this plugin can also be used on WooCommerce shops. Supported functionalities include displaying the “Add to Cart” button and product ratings on the WooCommerce product image overlay on the shopping page.

Here are some of the main features of the WP Image Hover Effects plugin:

  • Supports over 40 CSS3 image effects that can be applied to blog post images.
  • Dynamic placeholders {} used to show dynamic information on image hover overlays
  • Compatible with Avada, Divi, Storefront, and other WordPress themes
  • Support for quick updates of hover effects including overlay image color and text color
  • Configurable animation properties such as animation speed – along with overlay height, width, and opacity
  • Support for both single and multi-color overlay effects for images
  • Includes both ready-to-use and customizable hover effects
  • Dedicated customizer tool for obtaining finer control over animated hover effects
  • Compatible with WordPress theme coding standards
  • Compatible with WPML Multilingual WordPress plugin

The plugin supports the addition of hover effects on a variety of webpage elements including blog post images (or thumbnails), customized post type images, WooCommerce product images, and website page images. For instance, you can display a configured hover effect on WooCommerce product images with dynamic product information.

Additionally, WordPress admin users can perform the following operations using the WP Image Hover Effects plugin:

  • Use “Cloning Hover Effects” to copy overlay effects from one blog post to another. This is useful to maintain consistency and save time and effort.
  • Add a customized CSS for the front-end interface.
  • Manage backend settings like background color, text color, image height and width, animation speed, and other settings.


For WordPress-powered sites, image hover effects can transform the visual appeal and make it more aesthetically attractive for online visitors. With the proper visual design, this feature can be used to improve customer engagement and enable them to perform the right actions.

At the same time, WordPress business owners do not want to overdo the image hover effects, as potential customers may find it too “amateurish.” This is where Flipper Code can help you with the right consultation service.

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