Internet users love free giveaways and contests that help them actively engage with websites. It is also the best way for website owners to attract more traffic to their business. Well-executed online giveaways and contests can tremendously increase your brand awareness and boost conversions.

Here is how a giveaway contest can help your online business to succeed.

How a Giveaway can help you succeed

Online giveaways and contests are powerful at capturing the attention of internet users. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? The right type of online contest can attract the desired web traffic to your business website in a short period.

Here are some ways in which a giveaway can benefit your WordPress-powered business:

  1. To boost your social media presence

    Online contests can boost your brand presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. For instance, you can request your contestants to like (or follow) your website’s social media page or post their comments on the page.

  2. To grow your newsletter subscription

    You can request your online contestants to share their email addresses or subscribe to your newsletter as part of the giveaway. You can then add these email addresses to your mailing list for monthly newsletters or marketing campaigns. Some of these users may convert into potential leads for your online business.

  3. To gain referrals

    To increase their rewards, you can request participants of your giveaways and contests to provide referrals of their friends or family members. This can increase your brand awareness and attract more visitors to your website.

  4. To collect user information

    Online contests are effective for collecting valuable user information like basic personal details, contact information, hobbies, and interests. You can also use one-time contests to conduct surveys of your user base. This information can be effectively used to build and engage with your website visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

In short, there are endless ways in which you can engage with your online audience through giveaways or contests. For WordPress sites, a giveaway plugin is the easiest way to launch an online giveaway or contest without writing any code. What’s more, there are plenty of WordPress contest plugins (or giveaway plugins) to choose from.

But how exactly do you choose the right giveaway plugin for WordPress sites per your specific needs? Let’s discuss that in the following section.

How to select the right WordPress Giveaway Contest Plugin

When evaluating WordPress giveaway plugins for your website, here is what you should look for:

  • Easy to use

    First and foremost, the giveaway or contest plugin must be user-friendly. Effectively, you should be able to create interesting contests without writing any code.

  • Support for social media sharing

    The WordPress giveaway plugin must also support “social sharing” so that your contestants can easily share your online giveaways and contests on their social media accounts. This feature will help spread the word about the giveaway on your website.

  • Email support

    If you are looking to increase your email subscribers, then email support is a necessary functionality for your giveaway plugin. This will allow the plugin to easily integrate with popular email tools.

  • Referral feature

    If you want to support user referrals, then check if your plugin supports this functionality. With the referral feature, users can easily share your contests with their friends or family members.

  • Low price

    Finally, the giveaway plugin must be cost-effective so that it fits into your budget. At the same time, it should offer the essential features without charging anything extra.

Based on these features, here are 5 of the best WordPress giveaway plugins:

  1. RafflePress

    RafflePress is easily the leading name when it comes to WordPress giveaway plugins. This easy-to-use plugin enables to you create a variety of giveaway contests in just a few minutes. Here are some of the features that make it so popular among WordPress users:

    • Drag-and-drop giveaway builder
    • Seamless integration with popular social media platforms
    • Pre-defined templates to design giveaways and contests
    • “Refer a Friend” functionality
    • SEO-friendly and mobile responsive
    • Integration with email providers including MailChimp, AWeber, and Drip

    Along with a basic free version, RafflePress paid plans start from $39.50 for a year.

  2. KingSumo

    Developed by the team behind the AppSumo app, KingSumo enables you to create a giveaway contest in less than 60 seconds. The tool is available as both a web application and a WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you can also schedule your giveaways (with a start and end date) in advance.

    Here are some of its notable features:

    • Unlimited number of giveaways and contest
    • Integration with both social media platforms and email providers
    • reCAPTCHA tool for preventing spam emails
    • Facebook pixel tracking
    • Allows upload of customized logo
    • 24/7 customer support

    KingSumo is available at a one-time charge of $49 (with a 60-day money-back guarantee).

  3. Photo Contest

    As the name suggests, this WordPress plugin allows you to create a complete photography contest easily and quickly. You can then launch this online contest on your WordPress site or as an independent website.

    Here are some of the best features of this giveaway tool:

    • The plugin has 100% responsive design and full compatibility with all browsers and devices
    • Complete control over the photo contest, including new submissions, votes, comments, and image sizes
    • Complete integration with the BuddyPress tool
    • Edit facility for uploaded photographs, including image cropping, resizing, and limiting the file size.
    • Supports various voting modes, including single-vote, like mode, and 5-star or 10-star ratings.

    A regular Photo Contest license is available for $39 (plus taxes) and includes 6 months of support.

  4. Simple Giveaways

    Simple Giveaways is the best WordPress plugin for designing a host of giveaways or contest pages. With this tool, you can easily design a giveaway page and then integrate it with online marketing platforms.

    Here are some of the best features of this tool:

    • Predesigned templates for a variety of getaways
    • You can configure the start, end, and winner announcement dates for your giveaway.
    • Support for a host of social media sharing options.
    • Support for “Refer a friend” functionality
    • Use of widgets and shortcodes to attract users to the giveaway page

    Along with a free version, Simple Giveaways premium plans begin from $49 annually.

  5. Video Contest

    As the name suggests, you can use this plugin to design a video contest within a few minutes. You can then launch this video contest on your WordPress site or as a separate website. Here are some of the popular features of this WordPress plugin:

    • It has a 100% responsive design and is compatible with most browsers and devices.
    • GDPR compliance
    • Designed to launch multiple contests at the same time
    • Full integration with BuddyPress tool
    • Complete voter control for new submissions, comments, votes, and more
    • Multilingual capability with support for 9 languages
    • Free updates for a lifetime

    A regular Video Contest license is available for $39 (plus taxes) and includes 6 months of support.

Which WordPress giveaway plugin is right for you?

If you are looking for a tool packed with features, then RafflePress is the best one that offers value for your money. The plugin is user-friendly and is integrated well with most popular social media platforms and email service providers.

If you want a tool specifically to create a photo or video contest, you can opt for Photo Contest or Video Contest plugins, respectively. Don’t want to make repeat payments? KingSumo is the best option with its simple one-time payment option. Among the free tools, Simple Giveaways offers the most features in its basic version.


Online giveaways and contests are effective at attracting new visitors to your website and improving engagement. With WordPress giveaway plugins, website users can easily and quickly design a complete giveaway page or contest. We hope you found our list of 5 best WordPress giveaway plugins useful. Let us know if we have missed out on any other excellent plugins.

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