What is Recurring Delivery and How to Setup in WooCommerce

Also referred to as automatic delivery, a recurring delivery is what every online business enterprise needs to survive or even grow to the next level. A large volume of recurring deliveries or orders for your online store means that your business has successfully created a pool of loyal customers who will keep making purchases. Besides […]

How to calculate WooCommerce shipping costs?

For any online store running on the popular WooCommerce tool, product shipping is an essential cost factor that needs to be considered. Practically every online store owner finds it challenging to decide whether to charge the customer for shipping or to incur the cost themselves. Among the effective methods, WooCommerce stores charge their shipping based […]

How to Add the Multi-location Maps WordPress Plugin?

Running a local business or retail store? Yes, then you may want to share your store location with your local customers. You can do that by sharing Google Maps (showing your store location) on your WordPress site. What’s more? You can also share multi-location Google maps if you are running your business at multiple locations. […]

wordpress plugin safe

How to Check if a WordPress Plug-in is Safe?

Do you know there are nearly 60,000 plug-ins available in the WordPress plug-in repository? Better still, there are still new plug-ins being added daily to this repository. Be it for security or form submission, every WordPress site requires plug-ins. But how can you determine if a WordPress plug-in is safe?  Are all WordPress plug-ins safe? […]

Openstreetmap to wordpress

How Do I Add OpenStreetMap to WordPress?

Right from the time Google released its Google Maps tool, embedded mapping tools have now evolved to offer its users a host of navigational capabilities when on the move. Smartphone users can now easily find their way to the closest McDonald’s outlet using Google or Apple Siri. Businesses are using interactive maps on mobile phones […]