WooCommerce Change Product Quantity @ Checkout Page

In WooCommerce stores, the product checkout page is probably the most important page across the website. It displays a summary of the order details, including the quantity, price, payment method, and shipping information for the customer’s reference. If the shopper notices any error, the changes are usually made by going back to the order page. […]

WooCommerce Pricing: How Much Does it Cost to Run a Store?

Planning to create your eCommerce store using WooCommerce? Do you know how much a WooCommerce store costs to develop? On its own, WooCommerce is a free and open-source tool, that does not cost even a single penny! However, you still need to incur a WooCommerce cost when it comes to running an operational eCommerce store. […]

WooCommerce Support: The Solution for All Your Store Issues

If you are planning to open your online eCommerce store on WooCommerce, that’s a great decision! Simply because WooCommerce is among the most popular platform for eCommerce companies. Having said that, it’s not easy to start an online business. You can run into hundreds of hurdles and troubles. No worries, WooCommerce Support is here to […]

WooCommerce vs Shopify: Who Comes Out on Top in 2022?

WooCommerce vs Shopify – Which of these two eCommerce platforms are better in 2022? While WooCommerce is powering over 5 million websites around the globe, Shopify is the second-best eCommerce platform among the top 1 million websites. As global eCommerce sales cross $4 trillion, which of these eCommerce platforms are better? This Shopify vs WooCommerce […]

WooCommerce – File Upload Plugins for Order Personalization

In this age of personalization, online shoppers love brands that enable them to personalize their purchased products. For example, people love T-shirts or mugs with their chosen image printed on them. In fact, 75% of customers appreciate brands with personalized offerings. Moreover, one in every five customers is even willing to pay 20% more for […]

WooCommerce + Elementor – Let’s Build Cool Stuff

Running a small niche business on WooCommerce? That’s great to hear. What about building an attractive website that can attract online users? For small businesses, hiring a WooCommerce designer can be expensive because they charge anywhere between $15 to $28 for an hour of work. A better alternative is to design the WooCommerce site yourself […]

10 Best PayPal Alternatives for Your WordPress Business

PayPal is still the leading choice when it comes to digital payments for any online business. This popular payment gateway is accepted in multiple countries and has simplified online payments with its user-friendly interface. Having said that, WordPress site owners now have quite a few alternatives to PayPal for business. In this blog, we are […]

How to Add Infinite Scroll to WordPress

Also known as an endless scroll, the WordPress infinite scroll function is a terrific way of keeping your online users engaged with your content. Why is it so effective? Simply put, your online visitors can enjoy an uninterrupted flow of web page content without having to click any button to move to the next page. […]

How to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post with a Single Click

Do you know that it is possible to duplicate (or replicate) an entire website page or post on WordPress with a single click? In this blog, we shall discuss why and how to duplicate a page in WordPress. Why do you need to duplicate a WordPress page or post? Before discussing how to duplicate a […]