Local Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a significant technique for obtaining a higher rank in Google search results. A higher ranking website is known by the public and potential customers of the business.  Local SEO focuses on exposing your business in front of local people residing physically near it. Thus it increases site’s traffic and scales up revenue. As […]

How to Improve Speed of a WordPress Website

The next goal after developing your website is to get traffic. The speed of WordPress Web site is responsible to either stick a user to your site or bounce him back. If your website takes more than a few seconds to load then you may lose your visitors. Google has recently added “Speed” as one […]

How to Secure a WordPress Website

To secure your WordPress website from hackers and avoid website vulnerabilities, WordPress files need special attention while installation. Preventing Directory Listing using .htaccess file, regular changing of your WordPress password or restrict direct access to WordPress core files are small but very important aspects of the security of a WordPress website. We have discussed the ways by […]

How to Export and Import NextGEN Gallery in WordPress

This tutorial is to how to transfer NextGEN galleries from one site to another site using export and import feature of phpmyadmin. After installing NextGEN Gallery plugin for WordPress, there will be three tables created in the database, named as wp_ngg_album, wp_ngg_gallery and wp_ngg_pictures, where ‘wp_’ is the standard prefix of WordPress. If you want […]

Agile Project Management

Without any doubt, present day software developers are more and more inclined to choose the Agile Project Management methodology against the old traditional approach.  It’s an easy option because Agile is based on fast and continuous delivery of results, client gratification and it simplifies the integration of intercurrent changes by maintaining a constant communication line […]