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WP Google Map Pro WordPress Plugin is easiest way to display google map on any page using short codes and widgets. It displays multiple markers by address or provided latitude and longitude value on a Google Map. This plugin, automatically calculates exact latitude and longitude values when provided with address. No wonder the plugin is an easy alternate of Google Map API KEY.

1) Locations

The ‘Locations‘ → ‘Locations‘ option displays the entire list of all the locations available with their latitude, longitude, address and more.locations2 WP Google Map Pro Wordpress Plugin

Each location is given with corresponding options of Edit and Delete (see image) to edit or delete the added location.

The Edit option enables you to update the information associated with the location

edit location WP Google Map Pro Wordpress Plugin
including its Location Title, Address, Latitude , Longitude, etc. (image above).
Additional options like info message, marker image, drag and animation options are also editable.

2) Add Locations

To add a new location into your WP Google Map follow ‘Locations‘ → ‘Add Locations‘ and enter relevant information in the provided

add location WP Google Map Pro Wordpress Plugin

i) Location Title: Enter the title of your new location.

ii) Address: Enter the full address of your location and click Geocode. If Google recognizes this address it will automatically retrieve the corresponding latitudes and longitudes. In case of a different location you will have to fill these fields manually.

iii) Info Message #1: Add a message as an information of your location. Upto 5 informative messages can be added.

iv) Choose Marker Image:You can upload a marker image to identify the new location in the map.

v) Is Draggable: Check the box to make the marker move.

vi) Apply Animation: To apply animation, check the option.

3) Create Map

Locations‘ → ‘Create Map‘ enables you to create a new map with a wide variety of customizable features including:

1) General Setting:

create map general WP Google Map Pro Wordpress Plugin

i) Map Title: This will appear as the title of the map in your blog/ website.

ii) Map Width: This is the width of the map.

iii) Map Height: Sets the height of the map.

iv) Map Zoom Level: Sets the various levels at which map can be zoomed.

v) Choose Map Type: Select your desired type of map.

vi) 45° Imagery: Check the option to apply 45° imagery.

2) Choose Locations: The wordpress plugin, WP Google Map allows you to mark multiple locations on a

create map location WP Google Map Pro Wordpress Plugin

single map (see image). All the locations that you created are displayed in this section. Check mark the locations you want to display.

3) Layers: The various layers available are KML Layers, Fusion Tables Layers, Traffic
create map layers WP Google Map Pro Wordpress PluginLayers, Transit Layers, Weather Layers, Bicycling Layers, Panoramio Layers. Select the appropriate layer.

4) Polygon Setting: To enable drawing of polygon around the mark location on your map, select the provided fields aptly:

create map polygon WP Google Map Pro Wordpress Plugini) Draw Polygon: Check to draw polygon.

ii) Polygon Border Color:Choose a border color

iii) Polygon background Color: Choose a background color.

5) Marker Cluster Setting:

create map marker WP Google Map Pro Wordpress Plugini) Marker Cluster: Check mark the Marker Cluster option to apply marker cluster.

ii) Grid: Insert a grid value. Grid value= 40,80,120,160.

iii) Style: Choose amongst the available style options – Default, People, Conversation and Herat.

iv) Max Zoom Level: Select an appropriate zoom level from the range of 1 to 14.

6) Overlay Setting:
create map overlay WP Google Map Pro Wordpress Plugini) Overlay: Check the option to activate overlay.

ii) Overlay Border Color: Select a border color for overlay.

iii) Overlay Width: Insert overlay width.

iv) Overlay Height: Set height of overlay.

v) Overlay Font Size: Add desired font size.

vi) Overlay Border Width: Set a border width.

vii) Overlay Border Style: Choose a style from available options.

4) Manage Map

manage map WP Google Map Pro Wordpress Plugin

All the created maps are listed displayed in ‘Locations‘ → ‘Manage Map‘. The Edit and Delete options (see image below) corresponding to each map enables you to update or delete the available map.

5) Setting

Google MAP Default Settings can be setup through ‘Locations‘ → ‘Setting‘. setting WP Google Map Pro Wordpress Plugin

To save the default settings for Google Maps, enter values in the given fields:
i) Zoom Level: Enter a default zoom level value for your map. Zoom level ranges between 1 to 14, default being 4.
ii) Center Latitude: Enter the latitude value of your location.
iii) Center Longitude: Set your default location’s longitudinal value.
iv) Map Width: Define the size of the map on your blog by entering the map width in px. Default width is 900 px.
v) Map Height: Enter the corresponding height for the map. By default, height is 400 px.
vi) Select Language: WP Google Map Plugin supports multiple languages for the map. Select your language from the list of available languages to be displayed on the map. Default language is English.

6) Widget Support

The WP Google Map plugin is also widget supportive. When the widget is activated it displays your selected location on the map on your website/ blog.

widget support WP Google Map Pro Wordpress Plugin

To activate the WP Google Map Pro,

i) Go to ‘Appearance‘ → ‘Widgets‘ → ‘WP Google Map Pro‘ and click on Add  button (image above).

widget sidebar WP Google Map Pro Wordpress Plugin

ii) To add your google map on blog, Select Your Map from the available list of maps that you created and choose the position of the widget in sidebar.
iii) Click Save Widget.

 WP Google Map Pro Wordpress Plugin

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