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When you install a completely fresh WordPress of version 3.5 or greater, you won’t see Links menu in your Dashboard. So if you like to add Link panel to your wordpress site (version 3.5 or greater) menu then, you have to download and install Links Manager plugin.

Hence Links Manger is wordpress plugin that provide facilities for add, edit and delete a set of external links. Also we can give categories to these links.

link manager What is “Links Manager” in WordPress?

Given below is complete guide about Link Manager.
To start with link manager click links panel from your dashboard, here you can see three options given below in image:

links options What is “Links Manager” in WordPress?

On clicking all links open a new window. Where you can see all existing links with detail like their name, URL, categories, relationship, visibly and rating.

links1 1024x287 What is “Links Manager” in WordPress?

You can also change the view of link in the following ways:
One category: You can choose a single category from the “View All Categories” drop-down and click Filter, and the list will be limited to the chosen category.

Sorting order: By default, the links are sorted by names. But you can also sort the link by Name or URL by clicking on the small black arrow in the header of the table.

Edit or Delete

When you hover over a link you can see option of Edit | Delete below the link. Using Edit | Delete option you can edit or delete any link.

edit and delete What is “Links Manager” in WordPress?

Don’t forget to click on update button.after every editing.

UPDATE LINK What is “Links Manager” in WordPress?

However if we want to delete more than one links at a time then we can use the bulk action.

bulk action What is “Links Manager” in WordPress?

Add New

On clicking add new option, it will release a window .where we can add a new link with all details.

add new link What is “Links Manager” in WordPress?

In the given above image you can see different fields that we have to fill for adding a new link.

1 Name: Give the name of the link ( eg flippercode service)
2 Web Address: complete URI of the web page you’re linking to, (eg -http://www.flippercode.com/our-services/)
3 Description: Give the description about your link
4 Categories: Here you can select desired category for the link. Also you can put a link in more than one category.
5 Target: Target tells where the page will open when you click on the link. There are three options:

  • None: To open the link in the similar window.
  • Top: To open the link at the top level of the frame system.
  • blank: To open the link in a new window.

6 Link Relationship (XFN): Link relationship is a way to describe your relationship with the linked person
Link relationships are optional for WordPress links. You can leave everything in this section blank and all your links will still work.
7 Advanced: The Advanced fields can add extra information to the link.

  • Image Address: You can give address of image URL that you want to display for link.
  • RSS Address:URI of the RSS feed related with the Link.
  • Notes: You can use this to add any note about your Link.
  • Rating: Here you can give ranking of the Link, which can be used to sort links within Categories.

When you have set all the options you are interested in, click Add Link to add the new Link. You can hide a link by clicking on “Keep this link private” option.

add link What is “Links Manager” in WordPress?

For better link dealing, all the Links in WordPress are organized into categories. From ‘Link Categories’ option you can add, edit and delete categories. There must always be at least one link category.

By default we see a category “Blogroll”. If you want to delete the “Blogroll” category, first make another link category as the default.

For adding new categories we have to fill Name, Slug and Description. just like given below image.

link categories1 What is “Links Manager” in WordPress?
After setting all fields click on “Add New Link Category”.

 What is “Links Manager” in WordPress?

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