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UNLIMITED NEWSLETTER PLUGIN provides a number of convenient options for managing newsletters. This plugin provides very easy and great integration with WordPress Backend Interface.

widget 7 Unlimited Newsletter Wordpress Plugin

The Unlimited Newsletter plugin allows you to add a new newsletter by selecting the predefined templates also and you’ll have unlimited access for upcoming templates. All Templates are automatically listed to your dashboard every day. This feature makes the Plugin unique among all others.

For sending emails, you can create unlimited campaign and each campaign will have own cron job to release mails among subscribers. This is another unique idea to control bulk emails and avoid spamming.

The Newsletter plugin facilitates to create time intervals for scheduling the newsletters. Any desired interval can be set by entering the title, interval and type  fields.

1) Create Newsletter

The ‘Unlimited Newsletter‘ → ‘Create Newsletter

The Unlimited Newsletter wordpress plugin allows you to add a new newsletter by selecting the predefined templates from the Template Selection box  at the right side of the admin screen. In case any template is not available or to add more templates go to Live Templates

A Newsletter can also be added with the Create Newsletter option available at the Unlimited Newsletter link.

2) Live Templates

live Unlimited Newsletter Wordpress Plugin

All the predefined templates are displayed in Unlimited Newsletter‘ → ‘Live templates‘. These templates are used to give layout while creating a new newsletter.

All the available activated live templates are listed under the Template Selection section present at the right side of the Create Newsletter display screen. Click below to see available templates today.

3) Subscribers

Unlimited Newsletter‘ → ‘Subscribers‘ avails the list of all the current newsletter subscribers. This also facilitates the import and export of subscriber list in csv formats.(see image)

subscribers Unlimited Newsletter Wordpress Plugin

1) Browse from your local computer a list of subscribers in the csv format (valid format can be downloaded from the Sample CSV File link) and click Import Subscriber button to append the imported subscribers.
2) Export Subscribers will open the list of the prevailing subscribers in a php file format.

4) Email Campaigns

A list of all scheduled newsletters is displayed in ‘Unlimited Newsletter‘ → ‘Email Campaigns‘. camps Unlimited Newsletter Wordpress Plugin

To schedule a new newsletter subscription for any subscribed user group,
i) Select Newsletter from the available list of newsletters.
ii) To set the time intervals of sending the newsletter mails Select Frequency as created in manage schedules
iii) The subscribed user group can be chosen from Select Group.
iv) In order to activate this subscription schedule Select Status as active and click Add Campaign.

5) Manage Schedules

Unlimited Newsletter‘ → ‘Manage Schedulesmanage Unlimited Newsletter Wordpress Plugin

The Newsletter wordpress plugin facilitates to create time intervals for scheduling the newsletters. Any desired interval can be set by entering the title, interval and type fields.

For instance, to set a monthly newsletter you have to enter the relevant title (like “Monthly”), enter “1” in the interval field and select “Month” from Type select box (see image). This will set a period of one month which will be used to schedule the newsletter.

6) Send Emails

send Unlimited Newsletter Wordpress Plugin

For sending newsletter emails to subscribed user groups go to ‘Unlimited Newsletter‘ → ‘Send Emails‘.
While sending such mails select the subscribed user group from the Group list and its corresponding newsletter from the Select Newsletter box which lists all the available newsletters. Upon selection a preview of the selected newsletter is displayed (see image) for confirmation before sending the mail.

7) Emails History

Unlimited Newsletter‘ → ‘Emails History‘ is visited to view the history of all the newsletters mailed to the subscribed user groups(see image). 3 Unlimited Newsletter Wordpress Plugin

i) Title is the name of the newsletter.
ii) The name of the group receiving the mail is displayed under Group
iii) The number of users is given by Total Users.
iv) When Mailed lists the mailing dates.

An empty history will give the message No Records for email History as in image above.

8) Widget Support

widget supportive Unlimited Newsletter Wordpress Plugin

The Unlimited Newsletter plugin is also widget supportive. It allows the users to subscribe the newsletters via a form displayed on your website/blog. When the widget is activated it displays the newsletter subscription form on the website/blog.
To activate the newsletter widget go to ‘Appearance ‘ → ‘Widgets‘ → ‘Unlimited Newsletter‘ and drag and drop the widget to the sidebar where you want he subscription form to be displayed on your site.

9) Shortcodes

how to add shortcode1 Unlimited Newsletter Wordpress Plugin

The Unlimited Newsletter plugin gives you ability to insert Signup Widget Form on Posts/Pages easily using shortcodes. Each design has own shortcode. You can customize Form completely using following options.

  • design -To change Template. default,bg1,bg2,bg3,bg4,bg5,bg6 are available options.
  • layout – To change form layout. default,no_text,no_name,only_email are available options
  • name_label -To change label for Name Input.
  • email_label -To change label for Email Input.
  • heading -To change Form Heading.
  • text – To change small description text.

Example :

Each design has four variations as below.

Heading, Paragraph, Name, Email

form full1 Unlimited Newsletter Wordpress Plugin

Heading, Name, Email

no text layout1 Unlimited Newsletter Wordpress Plugin

Heading, Paragraph, Email

no name layout2 Unlimited Newsletter Wordpress Plugin

Heading, Email

only email layout1 Unlimited Newsletter Wordpress Plugin

 Unlimited Newsletter Wordpress Plugin

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