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please can you tell me how to import a kml file into a new map
I have selected the option for kml layer and it asks me to paste a link
i’m not sure what format the link should be, i have tried a few but nothing works
i am not a programmer so need a simple step by step explanation

Hey James,

I'm working on this as well and it's actually really easy to do.
I just use an ftp client (filezilla) to upload my kml files to the uploads folder (public_html/xmarxspot/wp-content/uploads/)
Once you've uploaded it you can just use that link for it eg,

Hello @michel,

Thanks for your answer and this is exactly the process. @james, please let me know if you're having any issue.

i tried this and no luck. I followed exactly what is described above and I get a popup to download the file I just uploaded.

How can I get a KML into the Google Maps Plugin?

Please check this our guide tutorial

I hope it helps you alot.

Ok - It's now working perfectly.

Question: When I go into drawing I now see my map from the KML file - when I choose the area on the map, I can not edit that area.

So, how do I get the redirect function? Or, is there another way to do that?

Kml draw is not possible to modify via backend. You have to make changes in kml file where you have draw shapes.


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