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Hi I am trying to add a new location and I am getting the following error.
I am using Version 3.2.0 of the plugin and I am using wordpress 4.7.5
Can you please help
WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘location_settings’ in ‘field list’]
INSERT INTO `sp_map_locations` (`location_messages`, `location_settings`, `location_group_map`, `location_extrafields`, `location_title`, `location_address`, `location_latitude`, `location_longitude`, `location_city`, `location_state`, `location_country`, `location_postal_code`, `location_zoom`, `location_draggable`, `location_infowindow_default_open`, `location_animation`) VALUES (”, ‘a:3:{s:7:\”onclick\”;s:6:\”marker\”;s:13:\”redirect_link\”;s:0:\”\”;s:20:\”redirect_link_window\”;s:3:\”yes\”;}’, ‘N;’, ‘N;’, ‘Berkshire’, ‘Reading, United Kingdom’, ‘51.4542645’, ‘-0.9781302999999753′, ‘South Oxfordshire District’, ‘England’, ‘United Kingdom’, ”, ‘0’, ”, ”, ‘BOUNCE’)

You are using free version of google maps plugin and seems its not activated and installed properly thats why you are facing this issue. Please deactivate the plugin and again reactivate it. Your issue will be resolved.

Thanks for your reply.

I have deleted the plugin and reinstalled it.

The reinstall picked up the maps and locations that were previously created, but I still can not add a location.

Can you help further please
Please send us your wp login details at so we can check it and resolve your issue.


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